Enrichment Opportunities

Special Enrichment Opportunities

General Information

All of our Special Enrichment Opportunities are optional and will cost additional fees. However, you will not be charged additional extended care fees while your child is in his/her enrichment classes. The classes are meant to add opportunities for children and provide greater convenience and less stress for parents.
Parents of children in any enrichment class may either stay and take their children to class after school or enroll their children in extended care for those lesson days. If children stay for Extended Care, our staff will see that the children get to their classes and are signed safely back into their extended class for no added fee.


Math Music Motion Offered on both Monday and Tuesday afternoons at 2:30
immediately after school

Monday schedule for Math Music Motion classes:

Following Our Savior Preschool calendar, Math Music Motion classes will be conducted as follows:  the six week session costs $150.

1st 5-week session (45 minutes each class): 55 min. 2:30-3:15 Sept.11-Oct. 23rd Complimentary for already enrolled kids/free trial class: Sept.11th

2nd 6-week session (55 minutes each class): 2:30-3:25 Nov. 6-Dec.11th

3rd 6-week session (45 minutes each class): 2:30-3:15 Dec. 18th-Feb. 26th

4th 6-week session (45 minutes each class): 2:30-3:15 March 5-April 16th

5th 6-week session (55 minutes each class): 2:30-3:15 April 23rd-June 4th

For more information visit www.mathmusicmotion.com

Tuesday schedule for Math Music Motion classes

1st 6 week session : 45 minutes 2:30-3:15 Sept. 5-Oct. 10th complimentary for those already enrolled/free trial class: Sept. 5th

2nd 6 week session: (45 minutes) 2:30-3:15   Oct.17th-Nov. 28th

3rd 6 week session: (45 minutes) 2:30-3:15  Dec. 5th-Jan. 23rd

4th 6 week session : (45 minutes) 2:30-3:15 Jan.30th- March 6th

5th 6 week session: (45 minutes)  2:30-3:15 March 20th-April 24th

6th 6 week session   (45 minutes)  2:30-3:15 May 1st-June 5th

Wednesdays  & Thursdays
Stretch and Grow Dance with Tonia Velasquez will be providing ballet lessons directly after school on Wednesdays and Thursdays for preschoolers enrolled in our program. Classes meet once a week and the monthly charge is $45.00 per month. To enroll, please contact Tonia Velasquez. www.sngmckinney.com  214-501-0447 Lessons given on Wednesdays and Thursday afternoons at 2:30


In addition to these offerings, we offer gymnastics on  Wednesdays and Thursdays as part of our regular afterschool program at 3:30 to 4:00 o’clock pm for threes and younger fours.  Older fours and fives go to gymnastics at 4:00 to 4:30 every Wednesday and Thursday.   You will only be charged the $4.00 per hour extended care fee in order to participate. You may choose one day or both or just drop in occasionally.
Gymnastics is taught by a certified gymnast who has had experience coaching competitive gymnastics.
Research indicates that exercise encourages brains to work at optimum capacity, by causing cells to multiply, strengthening their interconnections and protecting them from damage. Gymnastics is offered  on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons: 

3:30-4:00 -Threes and early fours   

4:00-4:30-  Older fours and fives

Soccer Shots 

Tuesdays (2:00-2:40) is a uniquely designed program that introduces soccer to your child in a fun, safe, controlled environment.  Each week our 35 to 40 minute soccer session offer foundational soccer skills and fun games.  Instructors not only teach basic soccer skills, but develop coordination, balance and agility in each child, giving them a head start in their athletic endeavors and creating fun and enthusiam for life-long fitness.   Contacts: Ian 214-518-8668 http or ian@soccershots.org    www.soccershots.org   

Lessons are given on Tuesday afternoons at 2:00 to 2:40     http://dfwnorth.ssreg.org

Touchdown Kids  Wednesdays 2:00-2:45

Touchdown Kids is a program for ages 3 to 6.  Players are organized into groups based on age for 35 to 40 minute sessions over the course of one season.  Through activities, games competitions, you child’s character and attitude will be challenged and molded positively and each child will be taught the elements of teamwork, sharing , communication and respect.  Touchdown Tots is a non-contact sport which will familiarize your child with the game of football, preparing him for active participation in sports. All sessions take place at the school. You can register on line at https://ttcollinsouth.touchdowntots.com or you may request a registration form from jeff@touchdownkids.com.  In order to participate in these on-site  activities, your child must be enrolled in Our Savior Preschool. Lessons are given on Wednesday afternoons at 2:00