Educational Methodology and Instuctional Philosophy

Educational Methodology and Instructional Philosophy of Our Savior  Preschool

Our Savior Preschool is dedicated to the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual development of each, individual child.

The most impressionable and formative years in a child’s life are the ages of birth through five years.  This is why we at Our Savior take our jobs so seriously.  We have a dedicated, Christian staff that models, teaches and fully integrates Christian values into a challenging, academic curriculum.

Our teaching approach uses the methodology and best teaching practices developed by Dr. George Morrison, Chair of the Velma Schmidt Early Childhood Program at The University of North Texas. Dr. Morrison, retired Professor of Early Childhood at the University of North Texas, is the author of Early Childhood Education textbooks used in prestigious universities across the United States.

Success for Life Practices include:

Staff ‘s being positive Christian role models for children and others

Modeling teaching and learning strategies for the children

  • Utilizing  intentional, objective-based teaching and instruction (Teaches to the Texas Pre-K Guidelines, the Essential knowledge and skills needed in  Kindergarten, using a developmentally appropriate continuum.)
  • Using  continuous systematic assessment to determine what is developmentally appropriate for each child
  • Creating  an environment that is healthy, respectful, supportive, challenging,  enriched and spiritually conducive to optimum development
  • Supporting critical thinking through involving children in problem-solving
  • Utilizing  an interactive and “hands-on” teaching approach
  • Supporting  literacy development through:

Oral Reading

Shared reading

Shared writing


  • Supporting math and science through “hands-on” instruction
  • Providing for spiritual development by modeling and teaching Christian values and teaching and applying Bible curriculum
  • Collaborating with preschool specialists, colleagues, families and community leaders to  provide enrichment for classroom learning

Special Classes:

  • Spanish
  • Computer 
  • Chapel
  • Music
  • Library    

Our Savior Preschool uses Scholastic Letter People, One in Christ Bible Curriculum, Math, their Way,  Handwriting without Tears and The High  Reach Curriculum, that teaches to the TEKS needed in P-K and in public school kindergarten and beyond and utilizes the Success for Life best teaching practices and methodology, developed by Dr.  George Morrison, former Chair of the Early Childhood Department of the University of North Texas.