Hours & Rates

2021-2022 Our Savior Preschool Fees

Our Savior Preschool fees are among the lowest of any faith-based or secular preschool.

Hours and Rates of Regular Preschool:   8:45 until 2:15

All classes are offered for 2, 3, or 5 days. Due to COVID, we have restructured our classes for more consistency of groups and greater containment.  2 day option will be Tuesday and Thursdays, 3-day option will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday and 5-day option will be Monday through Friday.  No half-day classes will be offered.  We highly recommend that children attend at least 3 days per week if they are enrolled in a Pre-K or Transitional Kindergarten class.


Fees for regular preschool for all ages which cover 8:45 until 2:15

2 days,Tuesday/Thursday $240.00 Per month Registration fee- $240.00
3 days- Mon./Wed./Fri./         $315.00. Per month Registration fee- $315.00
5 days-  Mon. through Fri.   $450.00 Per month Registration fee- $395.00
25% off of second child’s monthly tuition

$55.00 computer fee Per year per family, computer program for both in-home and in-school access  

*If a new child registers and joins us in January, the registration fee will be prorated by dividing the yearly registration fee by 9 months and then multiplying by the number of months left in the year. ( School year:   (Early August through late May)


Extended Hours:  7:00 am until 5:30 pm

Our Savior offers multiple extended care options:  Parents are free to leave their children for extended care whenever they would like before or after regular school hours within the hours of 7:00 am until 5:30 pm for the parent’s convenience. There is no pre-sign-up required and notice does not have to be given if you are leaving your child for extended care.

*Extended care fees are paid in addition to monthly tuition fees the first week following the month that extended care is used.

Our extended care fees are among the lowest of any preschool in McKinney.  In addition, OSL is offering 5 ½ hours of preschool for the price that most preschools are asking for only 5 hours.

Anything before or after our regular preschool hours(8:45-2:15) is considered extended care. Extended care for both morning and afternoon is only $4.50 per hour.  If you choose to stay for only 15 minutes of extended care, you will only pay $1.12.

30 minutes=$2.25  45 minutes=$3.37 and one hour=$4.50  You only pay for what you use, which offers convenience, freedom and flexibility to our parents.

Special classes are offered during our regular program (8:45-2:15) Spanish, Music, Computer, daily Bible lessons, are all included within the price of our regular preschool program.


Classes offered:  (18 months, by Sept. 1st)

18 months (by Sept.1st) to 23 months  Toddlers have music, Spanish, daily Bible lessons  and follow the early childhood TEKS and  two-year old curriculum which incorporates art, oral reading, nursery rhymes and interesting theme-based and age-appropriate units of study

Younger 2 yrs.  24- 30 months- Multi-curriculum is used to teach to the highest level, in addition to special offerings of music, daily Bible lessons and  Spanish. Curriculum incorporates art, games with letter and number recognition and lots of reading to enrich vocabulary and develop the love for reading and learning.

Older 2’s  30 months to 35 months– Uses Multi- Curriculum to incorporate art, science, counting, letter and number recognition and  literacy foundations and art activities. Twos also have Spanish, music and daily Bible lessons  Teaches to the Early Childhood TEKS

3 yrs.  Uses Frog Street, Writing without Tears, Letter People, Alpha Tales, One in Christ Bible curriculum. Curriculum teaches science, math, literacy,  letter and number recognition, shared reading and art activities. Special classes: music, technology, Spanish, and chapel (teaches to Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills needed in kindergarten and beyond)

4 yrs. P-K- Teaches Frog Street Curriculum, Letter People and One in Christ Bible curriculum, Handwriting Without Tears, and incorporates shared reading, shared writing, literacy, math, science, art, social studies, computer, library, chapel, music and Spanish (teaches to Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills needed in kindergarten and beyond)

*Transitional Kindergarten class for older 4’s and 5’s,(Certified kindergarten teacher/Kindergarten curriculum) and teaches to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills set forth by the Texas Education Agency. Teaches to a basic Transitional kindergarten curriculum using multi curriculum, Letter People, One in Christ Bible, Frog Street, Handwriting Without Tears curriculum and incorporates science, math, shared reading and special classes in  computer,  music, Spanish, chapel and library.